Monthly Archives: May 2016

The strange case of the missing mojo

Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of fuel for something you’re trying to do in your life, even though you were super gung-ho when you set out? Over the past couple of months I’ve been battling a mojo-deficit in the Gumption project; full of ideas and plans and starts that are full of good intention, all of which were sabotaged by a lack of will to follow them through.

Of course I have all the usual excuses about other work, obligations to various people, things that desperately needed doing on my property…busy, busy, busy, only so many hours in a day, etcetera. But if I stop and listen to what I tell other people (I do listen sometimes) I have to admit that putting Gumption at the bottom of my priority list was a choice I was making. Why? Because I was just plain worn out with the constant effort of creating momentum for it.

I’m just now rising from the ashes and realizing this is a really normal aspect of doing anything that requires tenacity of heart and effort. The rewards can get lost in the tsunami of to-dos. Sometimes you go into the mojo barrel for your daily dose and discover – holy crap! – there isn’t any left.

So what’s a girl to do? In my case, I let myself play hooky, kind of unintentionally at first and then with acceptance. I whined to my cheerleaders – which isn’t very productive but felt good at the time. Then, when I’d had enough of resting and whining, and started actually missing the purpose I feel with this thing, I started looking at past feedback from people who’ve gotten something out of Gumption. Digging those rewards out from the tsunami debris reminded me of why this effort is worth it, and a good why is a great tool for generating forward movement.

And just as I was doing a slo-mo return to activity, the universe delivered a scheduling incentive – a speaking gig that’s put me into hyper-drive about getting all those ideas and plans in place that I’ve been ignoring. Like an emphatic, cosmic kick in the butt. Thank you, higher powers. Making a commitment gets action out of me like nothing else.

So that’s how I’m getting back into gear. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have had mojo lapses yourselves and I’d love to hear how you get over them. It’s a good bet I’ll need those tools again in the future!

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