Monthly Archives: March 2014

My Beautiful Hair is Freaking Me Out

So much for not giving a damn; clearly that’s a work in progress. I recently started dying my hair much lighter, after a lifetime of being a brunette which was, back in some long-forgotten age, my natural colour. Everybody is noticing and saying how great it looks – even clients, who don’t usually talk about that kind of stuff.

So why is this freaking me out?

Because the first thing they say is not ‘Wow, your hair looks great’. It’s ‘Did you change your hair colour?” … and then the ‘it looks great’ part. And this is enough to discombobulate me. The key difference is that, suddenly, people are noticing that I colour my hair. Horrors, I’ve been exposed. No matter that I’ve been dying it for decades; I’ve lived with a fantasy that it comes across as ‘natural’ even though I’m easily past the age where anyone would assume it’s flawlessly un-grey.

How insane is that? The colour job is doing exactly what it was meant to do – make my hair look so great that people notice it. But ah, the subtleties of a woman’s heart. I feel like I’m getting the thumbs-up on a lie.

This is way harder than the pink coat. Nobody ever asks me if I ‘changed my coat’, they just say they love it. So I guess I have to recognize that this small adventure in hair colour is going to take more toughing out than I thought. Because, really, once I get over shocking everyone I meet, I know my new hair looks frikkin’ great.


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