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The Gumption Guides are all about teaching women how they can do the things they've always wanted to do but haven't yet dared. Whether those are big things or little things - adventures come in all shapes and sizes - we've put together programs that give you the tools and strategies for making stuff happen.

Want to make your dreams come true? Here's what you need to understand first:

Being adventuresome is not something you're magically born with! It's something anyone can learn.

And I have proof. The Gumption programs are based on the experiences of dozens of women - not only me - who have managed to do all kinds of things they found scary, felt were beyond them, or thought they'd never pull off. These aren't super-women, either. They're regular ladies just like you, with all the usual fears about their capabilities, looks, love, money and so on, who juggle jobs and kids and husbands and pets.

How did they do it? With a toolbox of approaches and tactics for tackling obstacles, busting through fear, and planning for success.

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I use the toolbox, too. I've learned to fly a small plane, ridden horseback across the Mongolian steppes with just a guide and a translator when I turned 50, moved to Italy, to America, and back to Canada several times (with kids and pets), quit my high-paying corporate job to take up garden design, tried hang gliding, and became a lead singer in a rock band at 59. Just as challenging - yup, really - living without eye make-up and buying that pink coat in the photo up above. The toolbox, and the know-how to use it, has made all things possible.

Now that toolbox can be yours. 

It's not woo-woo. It doesn't involve turning your life upside down, or trying to become someone you're not. The foundation of Gumption training is 6-step, very practical program to expand your whole idea of what you're really capable of.

Ready to put some zip in your life? Gumption is currently available as a book, Gumption: The Practical Woman's Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life,  or as online courses at www.growyourgumption.com.

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Here's what some of Gumption's readers and course participants have to say:

I love that it puts adventures big and small in perspective, breaks them down and puts them into steps that you can one day achieve. It’s very hopeful and exciting…but in a concrete and practical way.        - Rhya

My GOD this is brilliant.        - Nicole

I'm looking forward to getting out of my rut and having some mid-life adventures!! Thanks for being an inspiration.          - Debbie

Just the spark you need to get on with planning, and LIVING your life's next adventure - big or small!          - Sarah


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  1. Escaping Our Comfort Zone

    I’m fascinated with you! Why, out of nowhere, at the age of 45 did I suddenly realize that there is so much more to life if only I can find the guts to get out there in the middle of it? I try to now live by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt – Do one thing everyday that scares you.

    1. Shelagh

      You’re in very good company – most of us get caught up in setting up and then keeping up ‘life as we know it’ in those first few decades of adulthood. Then (if we’re lucky) we wake up!

      Soon I’ll be publishing at least the ebook version of The Guide – so you’ll have all kinds of theories, anecdotes and exercises to help you find those guts you need. Stay tuned!


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